The best kitchen knife brands on the market today

When it comes to dicing and slicing tasks in your kitchen, a good knife can save you trouble and time. Let’s discuss here some of the best kitchen knife brands on the market today, in order to help you make your choice.

The knives I present here proved their cutting prowess on a
wide range of produce. They handle well, and feel comfortable when used. Among
them are some brands used by celebrities as well as latest chef’s knives.

Victorinox –
All-Around Winner

In my opinion, the Victorinox 8″ Rosewood Forged Knife is
the best all-around knife you can find. This kitchen tool comes with the shape
and heft of a traditional chef’s knife. Being mostly an all-purpose knife, it
proves to be very versatile. The Victorinox can handle well deboning a chicken
as well as dicing onions or parsley.

Wüsthof Classic –
Traditional Winner

This traditional Wüsthof Classic 7-Inch knife is excelling
at cleanly slicing tomatoes. Of course, you can use it as well for cutting up
carrots, or slicing and chopping onions. This model comes with the Classic Ikon curved handle and a santoku, Japanese-style blade.

It’s worth to mention that Wusthof is among the most
reputable German knifemakers. This brand gives you the guarantee of a high
quality. The prestigious German company has been family-owned for nearly 200
years. (More on this brand  here)

Global 7-Inch Santoku
– Best Japanese hybrid

Global is a reputable brand that created in the 1980s a
series of high-performance knives, revolutionizing the kitchen-knife. While still
affordable, Global knives are sophisticated and luxurious. These premium items
are also on the cutting edge of fashion.

Global knives feature a thin, razor-sharp edge and are
extremely light, like traditional Japanese knives. However, they owe more to
Western tradition rather than Japanese when it comes to their blade design. For
this reason I consider them Japanese hybrids that mix one tradition of
knifemaking with another.

The vast majority of Global’s knives are made of high-quality
steel but they are not forged. The steel has been heat treated and tempered to
high levels of sophistication.

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