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Cheap Pod Espresso Machine

When I was a student, they used to say that the difference between a successful and unsuccessful student is the kind of choices they make. I therefore decided to make the right choices which later translated to what I always hoped for; success. I believe choosing a good cup of coffee that would take me through a late night study was the best of all the choices I made. When buying my first espresso machine then, I believed time was in short supply. I therefore looked for a machine that could offer efficiency, functionality, and simplicity. I know as a college student, one question is lingering in your mind; what’s the best espresso machine for a college student? here is my top pick;

The Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker

When I was a student, a good espresso or a delicious Americano used to get me going the whole semester despite all the hustles and challenges in college. This is the machine that I treated as my best friend when it came to these early morning and late evening brews.
Due to the fact that I had a small kitchen at the corner of my room, size was one of the features I considered when buying an espresso machine. Being one of the smallest machines in the market, this nespresso maker was my perfect choice. Not only could it make me the richest espressos in the entire hostel, but it also ensured my kitchen space was well taken care of.

Yay For Milk Based Coffee !

Straight espresso is sometimes not my thing, I therefore choose a machine that has a separate milk frothier. This machine ensure neighbors were always at my door due to the aromatic lattes and cappuccinos it diligently produced.

Be Thrifty Or Be Cut

The most interesting thing about this machine is the amount of energy it could save for me. It automatically powers itself off after 9 minutes of inactivity. This helped me save a good amount of money I could have used to pay for the power bills.

If you want to turn your hostel room into a small Starbucks like I did, this is a machine you cannot afford to ignore.


For a quick and easy breakfast in less than 3 minutes, try this microwave egg scramble.


  1. BEAT eggs, milk, salt and pepper in microwave-safe bowl or 12-oz. coffee mug until blended.
  2. MICROWAVE on HIGH 45 seconds: STIR. MICROWAVE until eggs are almost set, 30 to 45 seconds longer. SERVE immediately.



Top with a sprinkle of shredded cheese or fresh herbs.

For rich creamy scrambled eggs, add small cubes of cream cheese or a dollop of cottage cheese before cooking.

For added flavor, stir a bit of creamy salad dressing, pesto, salsa or your favorite herb into the egg mixture.

Insider Tips on How to Microwave Scrambled Eggs Perfectly

Looking for quick and easy way to cook scrambled eggs in the microwave? See our insider tips  below to find out more.

Don’t over cook. Scrambled eggs will continue to cook and firm up after removed from microwave.

Microwave ovens vary. Cook time may need to be adjusted.

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